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Dr. Adrianne Ahern's Special Event Testimonials

Below are some comments from attendees at a few of Dr. A's speaking engagements.




August 1, 2007 - Talk: "Snap Out Of It Now! Four Steps to Break Out and Break Through"

Seahorse Capital, Inc.

Marine Room Restaurant

La Jolla, CA

"I have been in the financial services business for twenty-five years.  Over the course of those twenty-five years I have hosted countless seminars, but never have I seen every audience member so captivated by a speaker.  Not even with the distracting ocean views behind them, did I once see a listener turn to gaze out aimlessly at the scenery.  Beginning with an interesting anecdote about a tiger that refused to "think outside the box," Dr. Ahern quickly seized the attention of the room and held it throughout her speech.  The confidence that exuded from herself and her research led the audience to soak in every word.  Not only was her speech inspirational, but it was also funny at times, which helped keep people engaged and intently listening.  Her thirty-minute talk seemed over all too quickly and shortly after the applause settled down I had already been asked by the lady sitting next to me when the next seminar was going to be."

Michael R. Frager, CFP®, ChFC


Seahorse Capital, Inc.


June 27, 2007 - Talk:
"Snap Out Of It Now!: Practical Steps to Achieving Peak Performance in Every Aspect of Your Life"
Scripps Schaetzel Education Center - La Jolla
La Jolla, CA

"Dr. Ahern's presentation inspired me into self reflection, and numerous others at her talk felt the same.  Her work not only provides motivation to take a closer look at how we live our lives, but it offers specific, understandable processes for creating change. The four steps of Dr. Ahren's Snap Out Of It Now! program are straightforward and can be used by anyone interested in self healing and self-growth."


Paul W. Randolph, Psy.D., CEAP

Clinical/Organizational Psychologist

Director, Scripps Employee Assistance Program


"Terrific!  Dr. Ahern imparts the importance of compassionately, patiently, but firmly bringing our patterns to awareness.  Adrianne reminds us that our thoughts are embedded in our physiology!"

Ken Druck, Ph.D.
Executive Coach, Author, "The Secrets Men Keep," "Healing Your Life After the Loss of a Loved One" and "How to Talk to Your Kids...,"


"Easily digested.  Dr. Ahern picked me up (at the end of a 14 hour day.)  She reminds me that I have the power to change."


Laurie Gordon

Manager of Food Services, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla


"I felt Dr. A was speaking directly to me!  She teaches a technique that is applicable to everyone in all walks of life.  You don't have to be an athlete or business exec. to benefit." 


Jeff Krumeich

Financial Advisor, A.G. Edwards, La Jolla, CA


"Excellent speaker! Great material! Valuable information for all of us.  Dr. Ahern's talk was so well put together and her examples were right on the mark.  Well done!"


Betty LeMenager

Retired Business Executive, Ramona, CA



June 8, 2007 - Talk: PGA Seminar: "Peak Golf Performance and Neurofeedback – Dr. A Helps You Find Your Personal Zone of Peak Performance"

The Hodges Golf Learning Center

Escondido, CA


"Dr. Ahern presents a very interesting way to achieve positive results—she taught me how to control my outcome with my mind's focus."


Matt Terzo

PGA Member


"Awesome and inspiring!  Dr. Ahern's innovative methods and tools—breathing techniques and her wireless neurofeedback visor—make getting in the zone learnable & doable!"


Patrick Ahern

PGA Member and Director of Golf Instruction at The Hodges Golf Learning Center


"Great stuff!  What Dr. A teaches is where we are going in golf."


Art Law

PGA Member



May 8, 2007 - Talk: "Snap Out of It Now: Re-wire Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life"

Scripps Green Hospital National Nurses Week

Green Hospital Amphi-Theater

La Jolla, CA


"Adrianne, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.  I had the opportunity to read it during my recuperation and found it very thought provoking, yet tangible in its ideas.  It inspired conversations with my "fiance" (not official yet), and he read it too.  We both found it very valuable and actually quite simple to enact in our everyday lives.  You give a whole new meaning to the words, "take a deep breath" which are tangible and effective.  I find myself teaching others your technique and it quickly deescalates the stress and focuses one on resolution with a clear mind.  When I communicate something to Thomas that triggers him to want to react back…he smiles at me and repeats the words quietly to himself... "decondition, decondition"…then we smile at each other and communicate effectively.  Thank you Adrianne and congratulations on your success."

Valerie V. Walsh, RN, BSN

Administrative Director, Inpatient Services

Scripps Green Hospital Administration


May 8, 2007 - Talk: "Snap Out of It Now: Re-wire Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life"

Scripps Memorial Hospital–Encinitas

National Nurses Week

Encinitas, CA


"Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation recently.  I have enjoyed reading Snap Out Of It Now!  Your book offers such a healthy perspective on achieving goals.  Your presentation offered concrete examples of why we get stalled, and strategies for success.  Many of the attendees at your recent speaking engagement have expressed their appreciation for the value you have brought into their life by creating a new approach to reaching their goals.  Thanks so much for the books and the gift of your presence as we celebrated Nurses Week."


Jan Zachry RN, MBA

Vice President/CNE

Scripps Memorial Encinitas Hospital


April 28, 2007 - Talk: "Peak Performance and Neurofeedback"
EEG Spectrum Clinical Interchange Conference
Neurofeedback...to the Future
Glendale, CA 

"Dr. Ahern's personal experience as an athlete and her clinical psychology background help her gain a very credible relationship with her audience.  She presented a broad array of cutting edge tools that she uses to help her clients (athletes to CEOs and everyone in between) get the most out of their performances.  It's clear that she has the skills and enthusiasm to inspire the best out of her clients."


John Hollister

President, EEG Spectrum International


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