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Suggested interview questions for Dr. Adrianne Ahern:

1. Are thoughts really "hard-wired" into our brains? What does that mean, and how does it affect us?

2. You've said that we can apply the mental techniques of pro athletes from "the bedroom to the Boardroom." How does that work?

3. If our conditioning is unconscious, how do we know that it is affecting our performance? Can we consciously change the unconscious?

4. You emphasize breathing, especially for handling stress.  What's the difference between our regular breathing and the breathing you recommend?

5. We've heard a lot about affirmations and positive thinking.  Why does it often not work for us?

6. If I'm heading into a big meeting or standing over a golf shot, I don't really have time to completely re-condition my brain. What can I do quickly to set me up for better performance?

7. You've said that a lot of our conditioning includes "false truths." What do you mean by that, and how could we recognize a "false truth"?

8. We all seem to multi-task these days just to get everything done.  Why do you say this is counter-productive?

9. What exactly is "peak performance"? Is it available to everyone? Does it really apply to all areas of our lives?

10. You have some very cool tools that you use with your clients to track what their brains are doing during performance. What are they, and how do you use them?



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You can also visit Dr. A’s public Web site at: www.SnapOutOfItNow.com.

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